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January 2021 | a new role

I joined the Editorial Board of Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage (specialty section of Frontiers in Energy Research) as a Review Editor

January 2021 | Delivered a training course

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I delivered a 3 days training course on "boilers: theory of operation and energy efficiency" to ~ 20 attendees of engineers, technicians, and workers for the Nile Company for Oil & Detergents. More on the course can be found here.

February 2021 | New paper published


A new paper has been published in Advanced Functional Materials. The paper is on the fabrication and performance of Ultrathin and Non‐Flammable Dual‐Salt Polymer Electrolyte for High‐Energy‐Density Lithium‐Metal Battery. You can check it from here.

March 2021 | a proposal got accepted for funding


A proposal submitted to the Academy of Science, Research, and Technology (Egypt) to support a graduation project on "thermal management of electric vehicle batteries" has been accepted for funding.

April 2021 | a new graduate course is design and offered


A credit-hour-based graduate course titled "heat and mass transfer in electrochemical systems" is designed and offered, for the first time, by Dr. Effat, in the Mechanical Engineering Department, Assiut University. 

July 2021 | a lithium-ion battery module is designed and tested


Twelve undergraduate students, I supervised their graduation project, designed and assembled a small-scale lithium-ion battery (LIB) module, integrated with its battery and thermal management system.
Special thanks to the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, Egypt, for their generous financial support that made this project possible.

Oct. 2021 | a new role


I started a position as an adjunct assistant professor in the Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology, E-JUST, for the Fall semester 2021/2022.

Dec. 2021 | a new role


I started to act as a reviewer to Energy Advances Journal, by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

March 2022 | a prototype of an EV in E-JUST has been developed. 


Pleased to supervise the graduation project of a group of 6 students in the Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology. The students made the first prototype of an Electric Vehicle (battery powered) with a contribution in charging the battery pack from a PV module. Interesting!

March 2022 | a public talk on study, research, and life in Hong Kong


Based on an invitation by the vice-dean for graduate studies and research in Faculty of Engineering, Assiut University, I delivered a public talk on study, research, and Life in Hong Kong. The talk addressed key topics important to undergraduate students, post graduate researchers, and postdoctoral scholar interested in knowing about Hong Kong.

March 2022 | a new role


I started to act as a reviewer to Frontiers in Chemical Engineering Journal. 

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